Mission Statement

New LifeToday’s world has a myriad of ways to shut down our hearts: through loss, betrayal, brokenness, abuses on every level, isolation, and unforgiven hurts. Too often people go on automatic pilot, just “going through the motions.” It’s a familiar but desolate place in life where dreams get lost, pain is medicated, and walls are built to insulate from further hurt. When growth becomes stunted in hearts clogged up with past issues, people often experience recurring patterns that can cause more hurt, (ie., multiple divorces, job losses, continued abuses, etc.).

Strategies for Healing Hearts is a biblically based counseling ministry for recovery of the heart. Our passion is to see all hearts restored and healed. We facilitate the individual’s journey toward that goal with the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit — addressing addictions, codependency, dysfunctional patterns of the past, and spiritual issues that adversely affect the condition of the heart. It is our purpose to draw each individual to a place of renewed connection with themselves and the Lord. Our ministry offers a non-profit arm for the benefit of those who may wish to contribute to the cost of counseling for someone they love.