Our book: Sexual Addiction–One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing has gone to the printer and we will have books within the next 30 days. This story has been years in the making and was born out of years of recovery and the desire to help others understand […]

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Have you tried various ways of addressing your addictive issues?Have you gotten discouraged with the results? Are you frustrated by the cycles of relapse? If this describes your present circumstances, then listen up! Addiction Recovery Assistance is a non-traditional plan for addiction recovery involving a prescription medication (not AnaBuse) that […]

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Did you get through the Thanksgiving holiday with your sanity intact? When someone has an addiction in the family, holidays can be a challenge. Family gatherings can trigger some really deep emotional issues that drudge up the past. Instead a cheerful, holiday spirit–depression can consume people at Christmas time–and people […]

Sanity During the Holidays