Our Approach

Climbing the ladder, one step at a timeStrategies for Healing has a coaching plan for recovering from addiction and compulsive behaviors. We offer real help for those times when a person may not be able to figure out how to overcome the struggles that keep him cycling through unwanted behaviors. We specialize in sexual addiction.

Addictions often create a disconnecting from life. Strategies for Healing will help facilitate a person’s journey toward recovering his real self. As sobriety is experienced, there is then an opportunity opportunity for the person to reconnect with himself, with others, and with God.

A variety of therapies will be utilized, including a modified 12-step program.  Our approach includes a blending of personal recovery experience, education, and spiritual principles with common sense strategies that are most effective. We encourage both addict and partner to seek recovery, recognizing that addiction affects the entire family unit.

Because we have been where you are, we are able to guide you through the process with success. We are always glad to talk with you concerning your course of therapy.

Our goal is to:

  • Provide a safe environment for self-discovery
  • Address how destructive addictive behaviors have made life unmanageable
  • Help the individual to develop healthy relationships
  • Learn to establish healthy boundaries in life
  • Facilitate the healing of marriages and families
  • Teach good communication skills
  • See clients come to purposeful living through recovery

Our approach is available through:

  • Individual coaching
  • Perception Reframing
  • Therapy groups (six to eight individuals)
  • Freedom groups (men’s support and accountability)
  • Couples counseling
  • Partner recovery groups
  • Intensive counseling sessions (15-hours in three days)
  • Workshops
  • Phone counseling sessions
  • Skype


  • Help people discover their goals and then reach those goals
  • Challenge clients to do more than they would have done alone
  • Teach clients to focus on actions and behaviors that will produce significant results
  • Provide the structures, tools, and perspective to accomplish goals
  • Motivate clients to stretch beyond comfort zones
  • Encourage clients to think bigger and realize their full potential
  • Dare clients to take more risks
  • Create a supportive structure for people who want to produce results quickly and easily
  • Alter how clients think, feel, and behave by reframing perceptions
  • Increase personal performance on every level