Hosting Your Discover Intimacy Workshop

Workshop AttendeesDiscover Intimacy is a 6-hour interactive workshop. Marriage ministries often do the hosting.

Workshop starts:

  • 9:00 with worship (yours or ours)
  • Lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00.
  • Afternoon session goes until 4:00.

Lunch will be provided. 

Discover Intimacy Workshops are for:

  • Married couples
  • Divorced singles (patterns of relationship challenges),
  • Pre-marital couples
  • Singles who struggle with connection

For less than the cost of one 1-hour marriage counseling session—your people can experience 6 hours that will help them:

  • Identity roadblocks in their relationship.
  • Learn how to turn those challenges into building blocks.
  • Notice how emotional walls get built/how to take them down.
  • Determine if their love container is damaged
  • Understand how personality differences can be good.
  • Stop hiding and see into each other.
  • Discover where intimacy has broken down.
  • Begin to reconnect to each other.

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