Change Your Perceptions

By changing your perception, you can positively impact aspects of:

  1. Personal Health—Health conditions often involve perception, changing your perspective can improve the way you feel and even sleep.
  2. Emotional Health—when stuck emotionally, change in perception can affect any facet of depression, grief, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, fears (phobias), addictions, compulsive behaviors, behavioral roadblocks, and traumas (PTSD).
  3. Inter-personal Relationships—the ability to better relate with your partner, children, friends, and co-workers.
  4. Personal Performance—Improve your work, sports, musical, educational performance, increase your ability to focus, or address learning issues.

Have you ever wished you could change the way you perceive certain issues in your life (perceptions)? What if you could “reframe” or alter your perspectives and move through negative emotions (fear, anxiety, trauma, depression) that have caused you to be stuck and unable to make the positive changes you desire?


Using sophisticated voice-activated software, it is now possible to address emotional roadblocks (compulsive behaviors, addictions, traumas) that have been holding you back from achieving top performance in your life, or simply moving forward.

The biocommunication software is a dynamic instrument which records short voiceprints, analyzes them, and converts the results into frequencies–which then play back to the client as part of a multi-sensory experience with amazing results! Working with the frequencies in a client’s voice, voice mapping is a highly effective biofeedback process for emotional release and healing from the consequences of stored stress and trauma. It is also used by athletes to overcome challenges and improve peak performance. Given the correlation between physical and emotional health, voice mapping can be helpful in fighting chronic health problems, as well.