What is a Discover Intimacy Workshop … and What Does it Include?

Discover Intimacy Workshops are a new concept in demonstrating how to find connection in a world of disconnection.

  • Emotional walls

    How do emotional walls get built?

  • How do those walls get taken down?

  • What happens when the love container is damaged and unable to contain love? How do you repair a damaged love container?

  • Personality differences often present challenges to getting along, but what if the differences could enhance the relationship?

  • What does the Bible say about connection?

  • What are the roadblocks to intimacy that break down relationship?

  • What if people could learn how roadblocks can be turned into building blocks to enhance relationship?

Gary & Sharon answer all these questions in a 6-hour workshop that brings visuals, exercises, and humor coupled with their own vulnerable story.


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Computer RomanceDiscovering Intimacy is not just for married couples!

There are scores of individuals in the church that have been through multiple divorces and may be searching for a way to break the pattern. These workshops will open up new understanding of what keeps people stuck. One young woman’s comment: “If I had known some of these things before, I might still be married…”


  • It is time to offer new tools for finding connection.
  • A survey taken at the first workshop showed that “financial chaos” was the #1 roadblock they were seeking help for, #2 was “suspicion.”
  • Relationships are being assaulted from many different directions.
  • People are falling through the cracks and away from the church because they feel abandoned.
  • Abandonment is the #1 issue that people deal with in the counseling office leading to anxiety and compulsive behaviors.
  • Anxiety is at epidemic proportions in our culture of technology! 


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Flipping Roadblocks into Building Blocks 

Flipping road blocks into building blocks

DisconnectThere is an assault on relationships today and it comes from many different directions.  Addressing the disconnection that comes from technology and other outside influences is vital to maintaining authentic, personal relationships. Television, cellphones and the internet create many challenges that bring about a downward spiral of issues that can overwhelm personal connections. Technology isn’t going away—so how can we navigate through the roadblocks that can trap couples in patterns of dysfunction? How many stories have you heard where people got caught up in chat rooms or social media sites and left their marriage to pursue relationships they developed online? 

These challenges can be flipped into building new foundations for communication. 


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Is it possible to flip relationship challenges into building blocks?


Tearing Down WallsWith assistance, couples can address the roadblocks in their relationships and learn how to flip them into building blocks. Often people don’t even know how to identify what the roadblocks are. Couples might know something is wrong, but not actually be in touch with what it is. Discover Intimacy Workshops will help individuals pinpoint the challenges that are affecting them and demonstrate how to turn those challenges into a way to build a stronger relationship with exercises and visuals.

Individuals that are divorced or have had multiple relationships will be able to determine the breakdown in their past relationships. Patterns turn up in lives that perpetuate dysfunction. The patterns must be broken to break through to new ways of relating. 


What are Emotional Walls?

Emotional walls are barriers that get built over time that affect connection on a relational basis. Emotional walls get built due to:

        • Lack of trust  
        • Abuse—physical, sexual or emotional
        • Self-protection
        • Inability to communicate needs
        • Fears
        • Insecurity
        • Rejection
        • Abandonment
        • Dishonesty

These are just to name a few….

Couples can find themselves building walls. Walls can be built when there are challenges like Contempt or Criticism or Defensiveness. For relationships to grow and thrive there is a need for the emotional walls to come down. But how is that done? Discover Intimacy Workshops demonstrates how this is accomplished. 


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What are Love Containers? 

Love containerThere is an internal indicator of the ability to ‘contain’ love. This is what Gary and Sharon refer to as a ‘love container.’ Love containers—when they are whole give the ability for love to freely flow in and out toward others. However, when they are broken or damaged, it does not matter how much love is poured in, a person will never be able to contain love because it will seep out the bottom.

Love containers are broken because of:

      • Severe abuse
      • ‘Father wounds’
      • Rejection
      • Abandonment
      • Adoption
      • Rape
      • Incest 

How do Love Containers get repaired?

      • Identifying that there is damage
      • Addressing what caused the damage
      • Accomplishing forgiveness
      • Nurture to bring healing


Discover Intimacy Workshops demonstrate
what it takes to start the repair process.

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