Experience Intimacy Workshops

Gary Demonstrating Road BlocksIntimacy Workshops were born out of a desperate need to find help for a shattered marriage, and to share what was learned with others that may be facing similar issues.

Intimacy and connection have become a huge challenge in our culture. Technology has created incredible issues for relationships; causing people to withdraw from emotional connections.

Discover Intimacy Workshops are not academic, but are experiential. Productive tools will be gained through visuals and exercises that will assist individuals and couples to understand how to take down the emotional walls that keep couples from reaching into each other and experiencing true intimacy.

Couples will learn:

  • How to break through the roadblocks that are keeping them stuck
  • If their love container is damaged.
  • That personality differences can enhance a relationship
  • How to stop hiding and see into each other.
  • How to take down the emotional walls.

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