About Discover Intimacy Workshops

Gary speaking during a workshopAs the owners of Strategies for Healing, Inc., a successful counseling and recovery center in Denver, CO,  Gary and Sharon Worrell are proud to present Discover Intimacy Workshops.

Not only do the Worrell’s provide quality and cutting edge counseling and recovery services through their business, they are ordained ministers by The Missionary Church International  www.tmcimissions.org .

In addition to their counseling business, Gary and Sharon Worrell are the founders of a nonprofit ministry called Strategies for Healing Hearts—passionate about assisting individuals and families to recover their lives and relationships.

Gary holds a M.S. in community counseling. Sharon is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor (AACC). They are certified prayer counselors with the Elijah House Ministry.  It is through these two venues that the Worrell’s are able to provide excellence in education in tandem with their ministry efforts to help bring healing to individuals and their families.

Gary and Sharon handle the business part with excellence and with you in mind. They have lived everything they teach in their workshops and have paid a high price to recover their marriage and their lives to be able to bring you these workshops in a quality manner.

Yes! Individual counseling is available:

  • In the Denver Colorado office
  • By Skype if you do not live in Colorado
  • Via phone sessions
  • With online groups that are for support, accountability and therapy.

Ministry, scholarships and sponsorships are available through Strategies for Healing Hearts.

Approach your Discover Intimacy Workshop with a faith mentality (“God provides what I have need of…”). because it sets you up to value your life, your relationships and the Call of God on your life.

Divorce and separation is extremely costly for couples and families.  Gary and Sharon encourage you to value yourself and step into an education experience that will assist you to have better and healthier relationship with yourself and others.

HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE through Strategies for Healing, Inc. and/or Strategies for Healing Hearts to provide a Discover Intimacy Workshop:

  • ATTEND a Discover Intimacy Workshop near you by registering online.
  • HOST a Discover Intimacy Workshop at your church or organization.
  • SPONSOR a Discover Intimacy Workshops or a portion thereof.
  • MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to Strategies for Healing Hearts for individual counseling or grant opportunities for churches or individuals to partake from one of these powerful workshops.
  • SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter for workshop dates both on site and online.

Call us now to schedule a Discover Intimacy Workshop in your church or community.  When you book a Discover Intimacy Workshop, Strategies for Healing will provide your church with:

  • Workshop promotional flyers (sent to you)
  • A promotional video for your church announcements
  • Online registration at Discover Intimacy website to streamline the process
  • Workshop materials
  • A portion of proceeds (after expenses) donated back to your ministry or organization.