Strategies for Healing Hearts

Finding connection in a disconnected world
Our disconnected society has grown so fast; it is unaware of a future without a computer or smartphone. Do these things keep us connected? What they really do is separate us from the real source of connection; because, when it comes to connection and life, the heart is crucial. Are we disconnected and […]

Disconnected and Unaware

It is always mind-boggling how much technology is advancing and the accelerated speed at which it is happening. For years going to counseling meant that you would be experiencing talk-therapy. Now there are so many tools that counselors have to assist clients in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and […]

Technology is Opening New Horizons

Strategies for Healing Hearts is a nonprofit ministry that seeks to restore families that are wounded by addiction and abuse. We do address the addict’s needs and have coaching that will facilitate change. Families affected by addiction live in the shadow of the ‘elephant in the living room’ scenario, where […]

Strategies for Healing Hearts