Finding connection in a disconnected world
Our disconnected society has grown so fast; it is unaware of a future without a computer or smartphone. Do these things keep us connected? What they really do is separate us from the real source of connection; because, when it comes to connection and life, the heart is crucial. Are we disconnected and […]

Disconnected and Unaware

Is your marriage worth saving
Have you ever wondered if your marriage is worth saving? In today’s society, some people believe that the importance of marriage depends on the individual relationships. Many people, all over the world, are finding their marriage in trouble. The problems in married life may be due to the absence of […]

Is Your Marriage Worth Saving

In a boring relationship?
Do you have a ho-hum relationship? Why isn’t it exciting anymore? Are you stuck in a rut that is frustrating and boring? You may be experiencing roadblocks that are upending your intimacy. Intimacy is not just the physical act of sex–intimacy is about communication and emotional connection. Intimacy is about […]

Are you in a HO-HUM relationship?

Codependency is considered the co-addiction to any addiction. It is referred to as a co-addiction because it is a compulsion as much as the addiction is to the addict. I know that when I came to recovery, I did not understand the definition of the word. Codependency is rescuing, care-taking, […]

Codependency–the Co-addiction