Disconnected and Unaware

Finding connection in a disconnected world

Our disconnected society has grown so fast; it is unaware of a future without a computer or smartphone.

Do these things keep us connected? What they really do is separate us from the real source of connection; because, when it comes to connection and life, the heart is crucial.

workingfromhomeAre we disconnected and separating from our heart and head in order to live? Society believes that social media is the answer to connection, yet this sad commentary shows how unaware our society really is about connection and life.

People are not made to be glued to screens when they eat, rest, work and play. It appears that we cannot leave our phone off or at home without having an emotional breakdown. People are having a hard time sleeping without waking up to check their mobile device. Is it time to pause and reflect on how this is affecting our lives?

Connection with another person is an important part of the solution, but what is the real definition of connection? Connection begins with intimacy — In-to-Me-SEE… Allowing another person to see into me…to know and to be known. There is a large segment of society that has blinder glasses on–they can neither see into another individual and no one is allowed to see into them. Intimacy is the connection that begins the process of healing the heart which is what social media is missing.


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