Are you in a HO-HUM relationship?

In a boring relationship?

Do you have a ho-hum relationship? Why isn’t it exciting anymore? Are you stuck in a rut that is frustrating and boring? You may be experiencing roadblocks that are upending your intimacy. Intimacy is not just the physical act of sex–intimacy is about communication and emotional connection. Intimacy is about being able to see into your partner and your partner being able to see into you–N 2 ME C. That play on those letters helps you to understand just what intimacy really is. There are many roadblocks that keep couples from experiencing the depth of true relationship. Some of them are:

  • anger
  • fear20140323_163856
  • shame
  • unforgiveness
  • addictions
  • contempt
  • criticism
  • neglect
  • control
  • financial chaos

There are many issues that keep relationships from growing and in reality actually make them stagnate and wither. The cool thing about roadblocks is that each of them can be flipped around and turned into building blocks. Here are a few of the building blocks:20140323_164116

We are doing a workshop on Saturday April 12 in Denver that will be addressing all of these areas that break down relationships and how to flip the issues to build up your relationships. We have added resources to our website in the form of PDF’s to give you additional information and study to continue the learning experience. Here’s to break-through in your relationships!


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