Online Sexual Addiction Recovery Groups for Men

Path to recovery

Have you been trying to white-knuckle a change in your compulsive behaviors? Self-directed recovery is rarely effective with sexual/porn addiction!

supportNow you can get the help you need online (without walking into a counseling office) with a counselor that is an expert in sexual addiction recovery because he has been where you are. 

Gary WorrellGary is the co-author of the award-winning book: Sexual Addiction—One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing. He has been where you are and knows the ins and outs of recovery. As a Counselor—Gary Worrell is now offering online groups to give individuals an affordable alternative to traditional counseling.

Online coaching groups:

  • Coaching that fits into your schedule                                           
  • Drop into a private room online
  • Affordable / $35 per session

Strategies for Healing has acquired video communication tools that make video conferencing the perfect way to drop into a private room for a group that will provide:

  • Anonymity—safe and private
  • Education about addiction
  • Accountability / Support
  • Addressing root issues
  • Think different – Be different
  • Information and processing tools that work
  • Overcoming pain and shame
  • Moving from cravings, desires and urges to victory
  • Finding a life with hope and peace for the future

What excuses are you making for not taking steps to address your compulsions? If your excuse has been time or finances, now that has been solved with online, affordable groups. Contact me today–groups are forming now!



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