Man Leaves Baby in Car While He Goes in Strip Club

Parked van in the city

A man in Florida left his 4-month old baby in a car seat locked in his car while he went into a strip club.

A police officer broke the window to free the infant who was sweating and had thrown up from heat exhaustion.

When they searched inside the club to locate the owner of the car and the father of the baby, they found that he had been inside for about three hours.

Frequenting a strip club is an acting out behavior that is only part of sexual addiction. Sexual addiction usually does not start here for many addicts, many begin with porn, fantasies or fetishes, illicitly viewing women, stalking or other destructive behaviors. These are only a few of the actions that feed the disconnection of sexual addiction.

This may seem irrational and unusual behavior, however, this is not so uncommon for a man that is addicted to sex and totally disconnected from life and loved ones. I might not have left a child in a hot car, but I have frequented strip clubs when I was engrossed in my sexual addiction and lost track of time, money and the pain I was inflicting upon those that I loved.

This would certainly be the perfect example of the big ‘disconnect’ of sexual addiction. Addicts have what is called an addictive reality–If the addict cannot control his compulsion and begin to face the reality of the consequences, then all is at risk of being affected–even the care of a baby. This man’s desires/sexual addiction was out of control and it almost killed his daughter and now it has destroyed his future.

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