~ Mayor Filner of San Diego and Sexual Harassment

Mayor FilnerMayor Filner of San Diego has sexually harassed women who worked for him. He hasn’t resigned, but he has agreed to go to treatment. Many would question whether or not harassment is a big deal. I just have one thing to say about that: to the women who were continually harassed under his supervision, it was a very BIG deal. To have to endure sexual innuendo in the workplace is an incredible stress. It is difficult to fathom what women have to deal with–jobs are not that plentiful these days, and having to put up with men sexually harassing them causes them to have to submit to all of the garbage that comes their way because they may fear losing their jobs.

I have read articles on line that says he will go to treatment, but there seems to be controversy over just what kind of treatment will be affective. Is he in denial that he has a problem? There is a different between remorse for his behavior and remorse that he got caught. What kind of courage did it take for these women to come forward, and how long had the harassment actually gone on? 

The reader may be wondering how serious of a problem sexual harassment is…is it sexual addiction, does it go beyond explicit sexual talk in the workplace, or is there really a porn addiction involved? Was there an investigation? Was porn found on his computer? I believe that sexual talk comes from sexual thoughts and that can usually be traced back to the fantasy of the mind that comes from viewing pornography. There may be much more going on than what actually meets the eye here. Most companies have a zero-tolerance policy for porn in the workplace, it is grounds for immediate termination. One might wonder why government jobs don’t follow the same standards. In the private sector, this would be a liability that would be dealt with in a much different way than it is in the government positions. Mayor Filner should lose his job and be gone–that is the only consequence that would be acceptable as justice for the women that had to endure working for him.

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