Technology is Opening New Horizons

It is always mind-boggling how much technology is advancing and the accelerated speed at which it is happening. For years going to counseling meant that you would be experiencing talk-therapy. Now there are so many tools that counselors have to assist clients in dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and emotional pain. There are now sophisticated tools for addressing emotional issues that can help deal with those emotional roadblocks that keep people stuck.

Have you been in therapy for years without getting the results that you are desiring? I am not slamming talk-therapy by any means, simply wanting to help people to understand that if they have not gotten the results they have wanted, then it might be time to do something different to get different results. Technology might be the answer to address the places that are stuck.

Did you know that your emotions have frequencies? Are you aware that everything in nature has a frequency? What if the frequencies get out of balance? Could that be the reason for the emotional roadblocks that keep people stuck? Have you ever felt that something wasn’t quite right inside you? Have you felt off balance and that nothing you are doing is working? It is possible that you may be experiencing your emotions being out of frequency and thereby creating some chaos inside? What kind of chaos you might ask?

Post Traumatic Stress creates so many different issues within that it might be classified as chaos. Flash-backs of the trauma, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. All of these can create chaos within an individual. PTSD creates so many issues that it can be very debilitating. Drugs are often used to treat the depression, anxiety and insomnia, but they are treating the symptoms and not the root causes. Ask anyone that has post traumatic stress in their life and they will confirm how much chaos it creates in their lives. They may have difficulties with relationships, or keeping jobs.

evoxNow there is a way to address all the chaos that is going on concerning the emotions. With a sophisticated biocommunication software it is now possible to measure the frequency imbalance and with an advanced biofeedback process–feed energy back into the body to bring balance. The EVOX is a voice-activated software that will assist individuals in dealing with emotional roadblocks.


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