How often are you hearing stories about couple’s that have not been intimate in 10 years, or have other odd behaviors that create questions that seem to have no answers? Sexual addiction and sexual anorexia is overtaking our society on every level, and so many are experiencing the effects in their relationships and families. Now there is a book that will help counselors and their clients understand the intricacies of this addiction and what they may be facing.

Sexual Addiction—One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing is a relational account of Gary and Sharon’s journey from discovery to recovery. So many books that are available are written from a clinical perspective. This is one book that you will be able to use as a resource to help your clients answer questions in their own relationships. Each chapter builds upon all the issues that are present in the face of sexual addiction; and there are questions for reflection as a resource for individuals to connection with their own story.

The statistics of those that are being caught up in sexual addiction are staggering. The internet has created an atmosphere of hidden shame for those that are looking to escape the pain and stressors in their lives. More and more young people are being caught up in its trap and the consequences of the ‘disconnect’ associated with pornography use. The far-reaching ramifications of sexual addiction and its effect on individuals, relationships, marriages and families are astounding. We cannot pretend this is not happening anymore…

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