Pastors and Ministry Leaders are discovering that more couples struggling in their marriages/relationships than ever before.

Statistics say 60% of people in any given church on any given Sunday are struggling with sexual addiction issues…

Divorce is on the rise in the church!

Statistics state that 33% of evangelical Christians have been divorced (2009)

That number is on the rise three years later.

Are the youth getting involved in risky behaviors with the internet?

  •       50% are posting personal information online
  •       45% are interacting with online strangers
  •       35% are placing strangers on buddy lists
  •       26% are sending personal information to strangers
  •       13% are visiting X-rated websites
  •       33% are sexting or posting nude pictures
  •       44% are texting sexually explicit messages

The statistics are growing each year and the consequences in the lives of couples and families are grave.

Are you overwhelmed with trying to address all these issues?

If it isn’t your genius, maybe it’s not your job…

Strategies for Healing is here to partner with ministry leaders to offer educational assistance with addiction recovery resources. Let’s face it, we aren’t meant to know it all. Maybe it is time to let those who understand sexual addiction help you and your ministry save relationships and help teens to be educated about the dangers of pornography and risky sexual behaviors.

Yes, we recognize that sexual addiction is a sensitive subject, and we treat it as such. We know what it is to struggle with sexual addiction and try to hide in the church. We have been there…found our way through it, and are passionate about helping others find their way to freedom!


  • Video conference counseling
  • Informational webinars / workshops
  • Internet Radio Program—Strategies for Healing from Addictions
  • Faith-based counseling
  • Educational resources
  • 3-Day Intensives in Denver
  • Total confidentiality/anonymity
  • Couple’s recovery (Divide and Conquer strategy)
  • Skype counseling / Phone counseling
  • Retreat / Special Event Speakers
  • Accountability (Freedom groups)
  • Affordable options
  • Books
  • Blogs

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