Kids and Perception Reframing

Are your kids experiencing anxiety and stress as a result of any of these challenges?

  •        Learning disabilities
  •        Problems with focus
  •        Perceptions that they can’t learn
  •        Interpersonal/Peer relationships
  •        Test anxieties/Performances issues
  •        Overwhelming fears
  •        Poor self-image/esteem
  •        Anger issues/Frustration intolerance                                                                

Have you agonized over how to help your kids gain the confidence they need to overcome these challenges? Wisdom tells us that “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Perception can create the realities a child lives in every day.

What if there was a way to help your children “reframe their perceptions” about themselves? What if a new level of confidence could begin to replace their anxieties and fears about their ability to socialize, focus, and perform well? What if you could help them replace their negative, unhealthy perceptions with those that affirm their value and promote self-confidence?

Now there is a non-invasive, affordable, productive way to get great results!

Technology has advanced to the point of being able to assist in addressing imbalances within individuals causing emotional stressors that can keep them stuck!  Using a sophisticated bio- communication software program (using bio-feedback technology), we can now help people of all ages with the anxiety and fears that cause so many problems with negative habit patterns, poor choices, low self-image, depression and even addictive behaviors. For much less than the cost of regular counseling, perception reframing is an affordable option to get results!

Our book: Think Different—Be Different: How Perception Reframing Can Change Your Life will be available soon in eBook format (for purchase from our website). It will show how perceptions and the way you think can influence every aspect of your everyday life. From health issues to emotional roadblocks of trauma, fears, anxieties or addictions—to interpersonal relationships and performance plateaus—perceptions have everything to do with the amount of success or failure you experience.

We are available to speak about and demonstrate perception reframing in Colorado. Learn more by contacting us today.  Let us help you find the missing pieces…

Gary Worrell, M.S. / Sharon Worrell BCBC
Strategies for Healing, Inc.

303-564-6251 / 303-564-2723           

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