Adoption Issues

As adoptive parents of a foreign-born son, we understand the complex issues that come with dealing with the perceptions that come with identity. Our son is now a young man and has experienced many different issues surrounding his adoption:

  • Living in a Caucasian family
  • Fears of abandonment and rejection  
  • Overwhelming fears of airplanes
  • Panic attacks
  • Frustration intolerance
  • Sleep problems

Adoptive parents have often needed support systems to navigate the difficult (and often tumultuous) waters that come with adoptive kids. We have been where you are and have found some answers that we are glad to share with you.

Perception Reframing is a great tool to help adoptive children to address the emotional imbalances that can cause:

  • Negative behavior
  • Fears
  • Attachment (bonding) disorder
  • Inability to trust
  • Focus problems
  • Emotional disconnections (instability)
  • Identity perceptions
  • Grief and loss

Strategies for Healing is here to assist your family. Call us today for more information: 303-564-2723.

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