~ Sexual Addiction–Partner Recovery

It has been awhile seen we have had the time to sit down and actually write a blog article. We have been very busy learning how to promote our book, build platform, and trying to write a new book while managing exceptionally stressful circumstances in our everyday lives.

On our radio program in the last month, we have been discussing partner recovery from different aspects and perspectives: authors, therapists, partners themselves, etc. I had wanted to bring a diverse array of people who have dealt with recovery from lots of formats. It has been great from my vantage point of being able to ask the questions and discuss the different ways that people come to recovery.

I had a guest on this morning who has written a book, “A House Interrupted” by Maurita Cocoran. Her book was released last year. Maurita shared with us how recovery saved her life and brought sanity back into her world. I have not read her book, but plan to in the near future. I found her to be delightful and candidly authentic about her experiences, and I highly respect that, not only as an individual, but also as an author. Check out her book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. To hear the podcast of today’s program July 16, 2012), go to the homepage on this website, click on the radio button (Under Follow Us) to go to our radio page where you can listen to the podcast right now through your computer–I think you will enjoy it. You can also use your smartphone to use the QR code to take you right to the radio page.


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