Think Different…Be Different

  • Have you been totally stuck in your thoughts?
  • Have your perceptions created your reality?
  • Have you wondered why some people can change their thinking?                          

Maybe you have never heard of perception reframing, but let’s talk about what it means and how it can help you if you find yourself stuck. The meaning of perception from a psychological definition is a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present. In other words, the stimulus is something that we are presented with–a circumstance, an event, a fear, a thought process, or an abuse.

The sensory processes then create a reality around what has happened. Don’t think our perceptions create our realities? Give the same stimulus to three different people and you will get three very different perceptions of what has happened and how it is dealt with. One of those three people might experience an abuse, and never recover from it–cycle through negative habit patterns of addictions to deal with it while another person with similar issues moves through the issues (perhaps by getting help) and has the ability to forgive and does not allow it to rule their life. The scenario has multiple issues involved, but one part of it is how each perceives the abuse or what the thought processes are around the issues.

So how does an individual change the way they think–by going to a counselor, a pastor, or a coach, and getting some help? Or talking it out with peers that are part of a support system? What happens when there is difficulty and the person is unable to make the appropriate changes in the thought process? Sometimes talk therapy gets hung up and a person may need a little more help to change the thought patterns and get beyond the issues that have kept them bound to the past.

Now there is a technology that can help an individual address the emotional congestion that keeps them locked into a cycle of negative thought patterns that keep them stuck. It is a bio-feedback process that balances the frequencies that are out of balance, using a very sophisticated software that helps to reframe perceptions–and give people the ability to change the way they think about an issue.

I was having a particular problem in an interpersonal relationship. I did some perception reframing and after several sessions, I was able to call this person and enter into relationship again. It gave me the ability to think different about our situation and let go of the emotional baggage that kept me in a cycle of upset.

What about you? Is it time to address the emotional congestion that is keeping you stuck? Perception Reframing can assist you with making the changes today! Call us today.


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