~ Sexual Addiction–One Couple’s Journey…

Our book: Sexual Addiction–One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing is at the printers and we will have books to ship within two weeks. We are very excited to release this book with the information that is provides people in the education of sexual addiction. We have been through the recovery and we understand the process and we share it with you in our new book. It is the first of many. We are going to provide education and resources for those needing to understand sexual addiction and pornography and the problems that exist when it is at the center of a relationship or affecting your kids.

Our radio program that airs on the Rockstar Radio Network on Monday mornings at 8:00 AM MST will cover the specifics of what you will find in the book and how it can assist you in determining if it is a factor in your life and relationships. Join us beginning Monday April 9 as we share with our listeners about Sexual Addiction–One Couple’s Journey. You will hear a portion of our story and what brought us through the process successfully.

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