Strategies for Healing Hearts

Strategies for Healing Hearts is a nonprofit ministry that seeks to restore families that are wounded by addiction and abuse. We do address the addict’s needs and have coaching that will facilitate change.

Families affected by addiction live in the shadow of the ‘elephant in the living room’ scenario, where everyone in the household has to constantly walk around the obvious addictive behaviors to survive. Partners and children are subject to the whims of the addict. There is damage that is done because of the addict’s behavior and control. Partners live with the fear that the family’s needs will go unmet, and are continually attempting to fix the adverse situations that come up because of the addiction. Children cower under the erratic behaviors and angry outbursts, causing them to live in adverse insecurity and uncertainty.

Strategies for Healing Hearts is here to access the needs of the family and facilitate restoration. If your family is being destroyed because of addiction, you can take the steps necessary to begin the journey of healing, whether you are the addict or the partner.

Partners experience fear, stress, anxiety, hurt, insecurity and pain as the results of addiction. Is it time to take back your control and find your voice–instead of trying to fix the addict, and address what is going on inside of you and your kids? Strategies for Healing Hearts can help, call us today!

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