~ Sexual Addiction–One’s Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing

Our book: Sexual Addiction–One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing has gone to the printer and we will have books within the next 30 days. This story has been years in the making and was born out of years of recovery and the desire to help others understand about sexual addiction. It is our very personal story from discovery to the working out of recovery that saved Gary from the prison of addiction and our marriage from the effects of betrayal and infidelity.

The book is a He said/She said format that has both addict and partner perspectives that educate you about sexual addiction and what is takes to get help–and how to recover from its effects. Sexual Addiction is a behavioral addiction that has many ‘acting-out’ behaviors and you will learn how to identify those issues that may be causing you problems in your own life and relationships.

Addiction affects every facet of people’s lives. Since addiction is always progressive, meaning that it will take more (porn or acting-out) to get the same effect that you got today…that is how addiction gets out of control and takes over your life. There are questions for you and your partner to reflect upon at the end of each chapter to help you discern how sexual addiction may be penetrating into your relationship and your life.

Never before has there been a comprehensive volume of information about sexual addiction told through a couple’s own journey as we sought for answers to the questions that we had concerning all we were dealing with.

Order this book now, we are offering a 25% discount for the next 90 days here on our website–our book will normally sell for $20, but now is being offered for $15 plus tax and shipping/handling. Go to the book page where you can pre-order this book and it will be shipped soon after April 25, 2012.




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