The Stress of Financial Chaos

Financial chaos is a very real part of addiction, although people rarely connect the two. Addicts rarely have their finances in order. There is often job chaos, as well. Sexual addiction is one addiction where there is definitely a connection with financial failure. There may be poor choices around debt or buying more than what is prudent. Because the addict can often not keep a job, that will necessarily add to the chaos.

If you have been wondering why nothing ever gets any better with your finances, you might want to look at the core issues. It may be that financial chaos is really only the symptom of the deeper issues of addiction. People are often trying to make a budget, or change the way they are doing things–with no good results.

It’s like trying to put a band-aid on a wound that is hemorrhaging. By not addressing the injury by going to the hospital and perhaps getting stitches, the bleeding is not going to stop. The cause of the bleeding has to be dealt with.

The same is true with financial chaos–if there is an addiction, then it must be addressed and dealt with before the financial picture is going to change at all. I would like to encourage you to take a deeper look at why there is too much debt, or a budget that isn’t working. Do you have an obsession with porn, or gambling? Is alcohol or drugs an issue?

Have you been to financial workshops or classes trying to get your finances under control? Maybe it is time to look at the compulsive behaviors that may be at the root of your chaos. Addiction Recovery Assistance is a plan that can help you address those core behaviors and bring some balance to your life and your finances.

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