Perception Reframing

Have you ever heard of the term Perception Reframing? I hadn’t  heard the term until I was introduced to a very sophisticated biocommunication software program that utilizes bio-feedback technology.

Perceptions are the way we think and what we believe about ourselves. It has been said that we are what we think. I think it is a fair statement to say that our perceptions create our realities. If success has continually alluded us, we may have the perception that we are a failure. A professional athlete might hit a plateau in his athletic abilities and have a difficult time overcoming the perception that he is stuck. A sales professional may perceive that he will lose his job because he is unable to make his sales quotas each month.

What if we could reframe those negative perceptions that are causing problems in our lives? And with the reframing, be able to think differently and have the ability to make different choices. Like the addict, who is stuck in his compulsive behaviors, by changing perceptions. The addict is then able to change the way he thinks about his addiction and make better choices.

Now there is technology available that can assist you in changing your perceptions. You can get rid of the emotional congestion that keeps you stuck in negative habit patterns, or fears, or the depression that has you spiraling downward, or the anger that make you rage at the inner walls of your heart.

If you have tried other methods of overcoming the giants in your life and come up empty, maybe it is time to do something different to get a different result. Perception Reframing can give you the ability to get a different result.

Perception Reframing will soon be available through remote access and done over the internet. It is painless, and has the ability to unclog the emotions that have been stuffed deep within you. If you have tried talk therapy without success, this bio-feedback process could provide you with the answers you have been looking for. Call us today for more information, or download the podcast of our internet radio program “Strategies for Healing from Addictions” on the rockstar radio network. Click on the radio link under the follow us buttons on the homepage of this website. That will take you right to our radio webpage where you can download the program. We will be explaining more about emotional congestion on our program on Monday Feb.13, 2012. If you miss it, the podcasts are archived.



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