~ New Year, Old Addictions

I want to wish you a Happy New Year before it gets too busy with all your resolutions.  A common aliment to the New Year is to get too busy and fall back into the old behaviors of addiction. Alcohol, drugs, porn, overeating, shopping, etc. can take control of your life.

Life can throw bad things at you.  Sexual Addiction is no different.  When you are feeling rejected by your spouse, or your work is not recognizing all your hard work, be careful.  Sexual addiction will step in and play on your feelings of rejection, abandonment or failed performance.

Sexual addiction can come disguised as someone that cares and is able to relate to your disappointment, making you feel valued or heard.  It could be someone at work, the bar, the athletic club.  A smile, a few kind words, or just a listening ear; these are all warning signs of impending trouble. The excitement builds, the thrill mounts, and soon all you can think about is the next encounter.  You will do anything to fulfill your sexual addiction.  Deny that it exists, lie, steal, and deceive, wasting your life just to indulge your fantasies. No longer do you listen to reason, logic or even your heart.  No longer do people matter.  Before you know it, you hurt your loved ones. Your life becomes unmanageable.  Sexual addiction controls you–all of you.

What do you do now?  Refuse to fight the addiction and run away from it–telling yourself you don’t have a problem.  Maybe you are too scared or confused to do anything at all.  These options are available, however the best thing to do it face it and deal with it.

Ignoring sexual addiction gives it power, control and momentum, abolishing hope for change. Stop telling yourself that it is no big deal, it is only a phase.  The more you ignore it, the worse it will get.

Does this sound familiar? Contact someone that is able to understand what you are dealing with.  Connect with others who can help you with your addiction by being accountable.  Do it now.  Contact us today.



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