~ Sexual Addiction, a Governor, Sheriff & Presidential Hopeful

A governor, congressman, sheriff, minister, presidential hopeful, and football coach: what do these people have in common? The common denominator is not what you might think. They are all sex addicts and their lives are in shambles. Each one has been caught up in behaviors that have damaged (or in some cases, destroyed) their careers, marriages and families. Why would anyone pursue activities that destroy all the things that are really important? Because the addict is not in touch with reality, he will never be able to connect with how his (or her) behaviors have led to the downfall.

All these people are caught in sexually addictive behaviors that have caused damaged lives. My sexual addiction destroyed my life, stole my career, and my marriage. I brought all this on myself through my selfish, addictive nature to satisfy my own sexual fantasies. As a sex addict, all I could think about was how to get my next adrenaline or hormonal high. My addictive reality was so messed up that I could not see how my life was going downhill.

Just like all these people (listed above), I lied, cheated, or stole to keep my sexual addictive behavior hidden from the public’s eye. I thought I was doing so well keeping my illicit behaviors secret. I did not even notice that I was lying to myself. I thought it was hidden, until it blew up in my face in a cold jail cell.

That was ten years ago. Sexual Addiction had caught up with me as I sat in a jail cell after being arrested for soliciting a prostitute. My life has since turned around 180 degrees; and I have found freedom from my sexual addiction trap. My life has been restored, as well as, my marriage.

Want to know more? Contact me and discover how you can find freedom too. It is never too late!

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