Financial Chaos on Wall Street

It was another day of financial chaos on Wall Street, with the Dow Jones plunging to disturbing lows again. The more I see the Dow drop, the more I believe we are in for a long bumpy ride. Sounds a lot like the financial roller coaster I put my family through the last 20 years by trying to hide my sexual addiction antics. I was constantly spending money on porn, strip clubs, and women instead of taking care of my family. I selfishly indulged my sexual fantasies to my financial detriment. When I was arrested 10 years ago, it was the worse and best thing that ever happened to me. It devastated my life, but it shocked me into facing my sexual addiction and finally stopped the financial bloodletting. Jail had an amazing way of changing my outlook on life. Getting into recovery helped me to connect the dots in my life. I always wondered why I could never find a way to be successful in my career or to be responsible with finances. When I began to reconnect with life by getting sober from my addictive behaviors, my financial issues began to settle down and come into a healthier place. Do you feel that your finances are out of control? Are you keeping secrets from those you love? Have you ever connected your financial problems with your addictive behaviors?

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