Negative Patterns You Just Can’t Shake

Have you ever wondered about those negative patterns that keep cycling through your life that you seem to have no control of? Have you worked at trying to change them only to be worn out with your attempts? Are you tired of going around and around on the same merry-go-round–never seeing anything be different? Maybe you have been through relationship after relationship–each of them ending in the same way. Perhaps you find yourself drawing abusive people to yourself. Do you keep choosing the same type of man (or woman)? If you are ready, you can find the help you need by tracing those negative issues back to their roots and taking the power out of them by addressing what first grew those roots in the first place. Life is sometimes fragile, and the heart is a tender place where a great deal of emotion is stored (or stuffed). When it gets all bottled up, it is time to unpack it and see what is there. Sometimes you need someone who is objective to help you unpack it.

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