Learn How to Connect

in a Disconnected World! 1

Can you break through?

Couple not connecting because of textingThe culture of technology that we are living in has provided a dramatic shift in the way we are experiencing life. Technology has provided so many improvements to the way we live and the efficiency of work-related activity. Technology is here to stay-
that is for sure.

In as many ways as technology has improved our lives, the flip side is that it has also presented some very serious challenges that show up in our ability to relate, communicate, connect and essentially be relational.

We need connection to function properly. What is happening in this culture that is hindering that connection?

The breakdown of INTIMACY is a challenge that is unfolding before us:

  • Recent data suggest that between 60% and 80% of North American college students have had some sort of hook-up experience.
  • 70% of sexually active 12 to 21-year-olds reported having had uncommitted sex within the last year.
  • 68% of divorces involve internet infidelity / 56% of divorces are due to porn involvement.
  • 49% of Christians believe porn is perfectly acceptable.
  • More than ever individual love-containers are damaged or broken
  • Emotional walls keep people disconnected.

DisconnectedThe disconnection that people are experiencing is very real and is affecting marriages and relationships like never before. The divorce rates are very high, but even more disconcerting are those in the church that are opting for casual, uncommitted

Discover Intimacy workshops are designed to assist Individuals to identify the roadblocks that are affecting their lives and how to turn those challenges into building blocks. Gary & Sharon Worrell are award-winning authors, speakers, and counselors who have lived what they teach; utilizing visuals and interactive exercises. Discover Intimacy Workshops bring new concepts to rediscovering connection.

Contact us now to schedule your workshop.


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One thought on “Learn How to Connect

in a Disconnected World!”

  • Shannon Parish

    The day flew because of the unique format that contained visuals, humor, examples, props, short skits and honest, deep conversations about very difficult topics. All of these techniques leave no room for shame or embarrassment as Gary and Sharon lay the cards “on the table” beginning with their own heartbreaking but victorious story.

    Couples have pressure taken off of them as they see painful issues in a simple common sense way that they can address without accusations or emotional explosions and Gary and Sharon give the tools necessary to address those challenges and roadblocks.

    And … If someone is not in a relationship, this workshop is vital to ensure that they understand their own emotional, mental and spiritual health BEFORE they get into a relationship.