Finding connection in a disconnected world
Our disconnected society has grown so fast; it is unaware of a future without a computer or smartphone. Do these things keep us connected? What they really do is separate us from the real source of connection; because, when it comes to connection and life, the heart is crucial. Are we disconnected and […]

Disconnected and Unaware

Many people do not think they want to kill their relationships, yet they may be doing just that without even knowing it. It is through relationships that we are hurt and in relationships we are healed. The relationships that hurt us may have been when we were younger and we […]

Relationship Killers

Is your marriage worth saving
Have you ever wondered if your marriage is worth saving? In today’s society, some people believe that the importance of marriage depends on the individual relationships. Many people, all over the world, are finding their marriage in trouble. The problems in married life may be due to the absence of […]

Is Your Marriage Worth Saving

Interviews with Gary and Sharon Worrell
  Gary and Sharon,  You did such a great job on our interview! Your sincerity and genuineness burst through everything each of you say. I’m going to use this interview as my go to solution for people who don’t know where to turn on this invasive sexual addiction problem. I’m so […]

WebTalk Radio Interview with Gary and Sharon Gets Rave Review ...

In a boring relationship?
Do you have a ho-hum relationship? Why isn’t it exciting anymore? Are you stuck in a rut that is frustrating and boring? You may be experiencing roadblocks that are upending your intimacy. Intimacy is not just the physical act of sex–intimacy is about communication and emotional connection. Intimacy is about […]

Are you in a HO-HUM relationship?

Breaking News
In the years to come, will we be seeing more of this? Younger and younger children are experiencing pornography through video gaming and social media sites and are reacting to what they are seeing. Sexuality is being awakened earlier than normal and there is acting out that gets established. We […]

13-Year Old Boy Rapes His Sister–Blames Porn

Path to recovery
Have you been trying to white-knuckle a change in your compulsive behaviors? Self-directed recovery is rarely effective with sexual/porn addiction! Now you can get the help you need online (without walking into a counseling office) with a counselor that is an expert in sexual addiction recovery because he has been […]

Online Sexual Addiction Recovery Groups for Men

Parked van in the city
A man in Florida left his 4-month old baby in a car seat locked in his car while he went into a strip club. A police officer broke the window to free the infant who was sweating and had thrown up from heat exhaustion. When they searched inside the club to […]

Man Leaves Baby in Car While He Goes in Strip ...

Thanks for Sharing Movie
I went to see the movie that came out a few weeks ago called “Thanks for Sharing” that starred Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Rufalo. It was an interesting movie. It followed the stories of 4 people who were sexually addicted. They were hooked up with the Sex Anonymous model of […]

Thanks for Sharing–the movie